South Kurdistan Taxi Company

The South Kurdistan Taxi Company is the first of its kind in the Kurdistan Region and carries a registered trademark. South Kurdistan Taxi Corporation is the only of the South Kurdistan Holding Group of Companies consisting of twelve companies in various fields of economics and business world. This group is also among the largest companies at the regional level and the Middle East. South Kurdistan Taxi Company is associated with several advanced foreign companies in the field of providing transportation systems by taxi worldwide and among these companies are that of (Canadian, Australian and British).

Why the South Kurdistan Taxi Company was founded?

It is known that any service system is established is to serve the citizen in the first place and to obtain the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and because in 2015 when the company first started, the public transportation sector did not have a specific work system to deal with taxis, and South Kurdistan Taxi Corporation consulted With the Ministry of Transport to establish a working system for taxis, which typically deals on a new and collaborative global basis.

How the system works;

This system consists of basic programs that achieve service delivery to the customer in a smooth manner that is convenient to deal with by our customers, drivers and passengers

  1. The system has centralized databases distributed over more than one cloud server. The system deals with it to store and retrieve data in addition to the availability of several interfaces through which to access that data and deal with it.

  2. The system provides a communication center in three languages (Kurdish, Arabic, English) to receive customer calls and make direct reservations for them, for those who do not wish to use the application or do not have internet service to make reservations through.

  3. This system also provides two kinds of applications driver application (sk taxi - Driver) and the passenger application (sk taxi - passenger) and they are available on both Apple IOS devices and Android devices. Designed to be available on most mobile and tablet devices, you only need the device to be equipped with an Internet service, a GPS navigation system and a link to the system.

  4. This system provides the customer with the ability to request or reserve a taxi for him and in several ways, including through the passenger application as previously mentioned. In addition to the ability to contact the company’s call center or through the website ( Customer can also request a car from the street, where he would have taken advantage of the meter service to get a more appropriate trip.

  5. The South Kurdistan taxi system provides a kilometer’s meter and a time counter in order to calculate a cost of the trip by calculating the cost of the distance travelled in addition to the cost of time taken to complete this trip. In a way that guarantees the right of the customer and fair on the taxi driver, so that the cost of the trip is satisfactory to both the driver and the passenger.

  6. The taxis belonging to our company carry special signs and stickers that distinguish them from other cars and the trademark sticker of the South Kurdistan Taxi Company, in addition to a special symbol for each car shown with a letter that symbolizes the city and a number that symbolizes the car's sequence. (S 0000) Which provides protection for passengers when they use our services, as this coding system makes it easier for passengers to easily recognize the taxi assigned to them in the event that they book or forget some of their luggage in one of these cars or if they are subjected to abuse by the driver of the car, etc., they can Contact the dedicated hotline to in regards to complaints and provide the sequence number. From the same hotline we can also receive customer feedback and news about any of our company cars using only that code so that we can access the information of that car and its driver efficiently.

  7. The taxi drivers belonging to our company are experienced in the field of public transport and the use of our taxi system, they are trained to use the system's programs through specialized training courses to do so. In addition to training courses on how to adhere to traffic instructions and not to violate them and maintain the specified speed of travel. They are also trained on how to treat the customers with a professional manner and to adhere to ethical controls when dealing with customers. Our company drivers wear a special uniform indicating that they work within our company staff.

  8. SK Taxi - Driver application, may need access to specific information, for high quality and accuracy and also you can grant or revoke any access in the future. This includes access to:

  • Location services

  • Contacts

  • Calendars

  • notifications

  • Pictures

  • Camera

  • Files and folders

Composing the SK-TAXI System

  • Tablet or portable device installed inside the car in a way that allows the driver to track the route on the system map, and also allows the passenger to read the mileage and the final cost of the trip.

  • A company-specific LED sign installed on the vehicle’s roof.

  • A uniform for the company’s taxi drivers.

  • Company logo posted on the front of the vehicle.

  • An identification symbol for the driver and the vehicle, attached to and around the car, consisting of a letter indicating the city and a number indicating the sequence of the vehicle.

  • Logo slogan about vehicles belonging to our company.

Principles of Taxi South Kurdistan:

  • Providing a kilometers and time meter inside the vehicles that determines the cost of the trip automatically and accurately.

  • Our company drivers are trained and educated to deal with customers in a respectful and friendly manner so that they do not exceed the customer's rights in terms of how to treat and respect the customer’s opinion and not interfere in his privacy.

  • Each driver is contracted to each of our company’s employees, and knows that any deviation from the company’s business principles will lead to face the responsibility incurred by them within the terms of the contract.

Among the most important advantages of using the South Kurdistan taxi system:

It is understood that public places need modern means of transportation, and for this reason our company has provided one of those ways, which is an advanced taxi system that has the following characteristics:

  • Reduce vehicle parking irregularly.

  • Contributed to an increase in the use of taxis by citizens and optimally.

  • Contributed to presenting society in an advanced civilized way in terms of providing modern taxis.

  • Citizens trust corporate taxis more than others.

  • Providing a special committee to look into citizens' complaints and opinions on our services in those locations.

Information and documents that the driver must provide:

The driver must contact the nearest service center belonging to the South Kurdistan Taxi Company for the purpose of obtaining information and how to use the system and its applications and conclude a contract with the company to be able to obtain an effective driver account that allows them to use the system software.

SK Taxi “”

    1. Four color photographs of the driver (4 * 3).

    2. A colored copy of the civil status identity card, Iraqi nationality certificate and national card.

    3. A color copy of the ration card, information card and security code card.

    4. A color copy of the driver's driving license, the vehicle's annual card, and the vehicle's durability check - valid.

    5. A residence permit for the driver in the event that his residence address is different from that registered on the information card.

    6. The driver must use the company’s trademark, the driver’s card issued by the company and the uniform of the company’s staff, which is specified by the company, and maintain official hospitality.

In case the validity of any of the required documents is valid, the driver must renew it within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of notification by the company.

In case the driver breaks any AD